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Curve Tallhand and Punchline Fonts


By downloading these files, you agree to the following terms:
These fonts are for Personal and Academic use only. Commercial use is prohibited. Users may not use these fonts on products for sale or in advertisements for any products, events, or services, without written permission. To apply to use these fonts for any of those purposes, please contact [email protected]
A combo of two customizable fonts designed by Curve and Hydes Lovelies. Once purchased, a zipfile with both fonts in .OTF format will be emailed to you.
This font project is aimed at designers and graffiti writers with access to design software and at least some typographical knowledge. These fonts work best with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. Starting with the font "CurveTallHand", type a name. Keep your type in Caps. There are 8 lowercase characters. Most characters have multiple glyphs to choose from, so use your application of choice's glyphs palette. There are also two-letter ligatures such as "CU", "RV" and "E>". Adjust individual letter spacing (kerning) to your preference.
To add your punchline, switch fonts to CurvePunchline. If you set the overall kerning to "Metrics", it should automatically kern well, no matter what you type.